C.B. Dennis British Beekeepers' Research Trust

Welcome to the Trust website

Bees are vital to our future and for a healthy planet, but currently face many threats. The purpose of the Trust is to support research at institutions, by individuals and to encourage young scientists through the provision of grants for agreed projects and broader bee science that benefit bees and beekeeping in Britain.  Grants of up to £50,000 are typically available each year, to fund a wide range of topics related to both honey bees and other bees.  Grants might be made, for example, for work on: bee pathogens, pollination and broader ecological concepts.  Travel grants to enable UK based researchers to present their work abroad are also available. Work is not limited to the UK and research at European universities and laboratories may also be funded.  News  about recent funding applications and many of the research findings that have been made possible by Trust support are both available on this site.

The Trustees meet twice a year to consider grant applications; in the spring and in the autumn.  Grants for consideration at the spring meeting must be submitted by 1st March, and for the autumn meeting by 1st September.  Applications are not normally considered other than at these meetings. 

If you would like to support the work of the Trust please make a donation or a legacy.  It is a gift that keeps on giving as the Trust makes donations from interest on a fund invested to provide long term support for the Trust's aims.