Frequently Asked Questions

Am I eligible to apply?

Grants are available to Universities, research bodies or exceptionally to individuals; payment would normally be to the sponsoring institution. Applications from young bee scientists are encouraged with appropriate qualified academic supervision. We would consider funding research / CASE studentships, small research projects or travel bursaries to attend scientific conferences. Individuals applying that are not associated with a research institution would need to demonstrate that they had the appropriate experience/ qualifications to ensure that funded work could be delivered to high academic standards. See 'projects funded by the Trust' for examples for work that we have supported.

How much can I apply for?

Research grants are typically up to £30,000 but could be significantly larger for strong projects that offer good value.

Do you only give grants for work on honey bees?

No, work on any species of bee could be funded as could work not directly on bees but where there was a clear benefit to bees or beekeeping. Examples of research that might be funded but not directly involving bees might be studies on pollen or parasites.

Will you jointly fund work with other partners?

Yes, we encourage joint applications.

Do you give grants to directly support beekeepers or beekeeping associations?

No, we are unable to provide support of this kind.

What conditions are normally attached to the Grant?

We attach a few conditions on reporting and completing the funded work to ensure proper governance of our resources. Full details are attached as a document at the bottom of How to apply for funding .