**** New Trustee ****

The Trust is pleased to welcome Professor Juliet Osborne as a new Trustee. Juliet has a Chair in Applied Ecology at the University of Exeter and brings a wealth of experience in honey bee and bumblebee research to the Board.

**** Research Priorities ****

Trustees have recently agreed a series of priority areas of research for funding. The guidelines are available here and on the 'How to apply for funding page'.

**** PhD Studentships ****

The Trust is keen to support studentships where possible, as they both help add to our knowledge of honey bee biology and support talented young people to become the bee scientists of the future.

Congratulations to Janet Lowore who was recently awarded her Doctorate by the University of Huddersfield. This was a part time study over 5 years funded by the Trust. The topic for Janet's research was:

'Forest Beekeeping in Zambia and Ethiopia: analysing the nexus of sustainable forest management and commercial honey and beeswax production.'

Also congratulations to Veronica Wignall who has recently successfully completed her doctorate, part funded by the Trust, this was entitled:

'Improving Floral Resources for Bees and Other Flower-Visiting Insects: Key Ecological & Human Dimensions.'

Veronica has already published three scientific papers based on her PhD and these are available in Publications and Reports .

The Trust is funding another PhD studentship at the University of Sussex, where Veronica was based, also supervised by Professor Francis Ratnieks, looking at 'wild' honey bee colonies. Given the interaction between wild and managed colonies this, often neglected, aspect of bee biology deserves further study. We are very pleased to support Ollie Visick, who has been awarded this studentship.

We are also collaborating with Bee Diseases Insurance Limited to joint fund a PhD studentship at Imperial College under Dr Peter Graystock looking at the transmission and trigger of European Foulbrood. This is the first such collaboration between us. Despite the challenges of Covid the project is now up and running with Monika Yordanova selected for the studentship.

We wish Monika and Ollie well in their studies and if you would like to join us in the vital task of supporting research and the researchers of tomorrow please consider donating via our Support Us page. Thank you.

Call for Research or Travel applications. The Trustees meet twice a year and the next meeting at which new applications will be considered is in the spring 2022. If you have a research or travel proposal you wish to be considered for funding, please complete an application and email it to the Trust Secretary by 1st March 2022. Application forms and details of the application process can be found under: How to apply for funding .